Friday, 14 October 2011

Review: Mutiny, Fish and Chips - The Fish Shack, Civic

Ever wanted to rock the boat, shake the tree, rattle the cage, stick it to 'the man'?  I am meek and mild at the best of times, but every now and again I like to stir the pot a bit and cause just a little bit of havoc, especially when food is at stake.  One day I even managed to cause a small mutiny in the office over fish and chips. You see, my boss wanted to have a bit of a team lunch  - a picnic in the park eating fish and chips.  A lovely idea, to be sure.  Only the plan was to get the food from a greasy old takeaway joint down the road - not so lovely after all - there were even threats of chiko rolls and deep fried Mars bars!  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and checked all those fabulous food blogs for a well-rated alternative.  And so I came across the Fish Shack.

The Fish Shack is a bright orange little shack in the middle of Civic.  Open for a few months now, it does a roaring trade and fresh take on the old favourites - beer battered fish, salt and pepper squid, tempura prawns, Thai fish cakes and much more (view the menu).  And they are pretty damn good - the fish is very fresh, the batter is light and crunchy and the chips are lovely and crisp.  At lunch time there can be a bit of a wait, so a hot tip is to ring your order in ahead of time so it's ready to collect when you arrive.

Tempura prawns and chips - $13.50

Salt and pepper squid and chips - $12.50

Premium beer battered classic fish and chips - medium size - $9.50

Back to the mutiny... I managed to convince all my work colleagues that we could do much, much better than the greasy old takeaway joint.  What could the boss do when the power of the people was against him?  All ended well, of course, and we had a beautiful hour in the sunshine eating our yummy Fish Shack food.  The boss still had the greasy old takeaway joint food, though. J

So tell me, where's your favourite fish and chips joint?  And what little revolutions have you started?

The Fish Shack
Petrie Plaza (off Bunda St)
Civic  ACT
ph. 6248 5885
Open for lunch Mon - Sat, dinner Tues - Fri

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  1. I think that was one battle you just had to take on! (For the great good of all.)

    What a cute little fish and chip shop too... Oh, and I love the vesper out the front, if it were pink I would have to have it!.

    The fish and chips look amazing, definitely a step up from the usual greasies. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my site xx

  2. This "shack" looks pretty awesome to say the least. Neat and inviting and would put many shacks in Sydney to shame. My fave F&C is the Bottom of the Harbour down in Balmoral beach :)

  3. Good for you! I would have done exactly the same thing. After all why waste a meal on terrible food!? :D