Monday, 20 June 2011

Pizza - To Bake or Buy? That is the Question!

Mmmm pizza!   That delicious melted cheese seems to get a life of its own as it stretches all the way from the slice of pie in your hand to the big greedy mouthful you've just bitten off.

One of the best kitchen investments I've bought is a $15 pizza stone.  It's amazing how it puffs up the pizza base to beautiful crispy perfection.   A great recipe for pizza dough is from MasterChef Australia series 2 (one of Gary and George's classic masterclass episodes) (see the recipe).

But why go to all the bother of kneading and proving and kneading again?  Especially when some of the best pizza in Canberra is just down the road. At Debacle, the Bombay Chicken pizza (complete with a papadam and raita) is the standout for me. However, for a really authentic Italian gourmet pizza, the ultra-hip Italian and Sons wins hands down in my view.

Do you like to bake or buy pizza?

What's your favourite Canberra pizza joint?


  1. I love Crust Pizza and their online ordering system. Great for when you want to be a slob and have the pizza delivered to your front door.

  2. Another good place for a lunch time pizza, especially if you're a fan of a tandorri chicken pizza, is Psychedeli Cafe on Marcus Clarke St in the City.