Friday, 16 September 2011

Great Food Apps

I am totally addicted to my i-phone.  So much so, that it’s almost a permanent attachment to my hand (with Mr D. threatening to confiscate it J).   The wonderful world of smart phone apps is ever expanding, especially when it comes to great food apps.  I am never without inspiration thanks to them.  So now I’d like to share some of my favourites with you.

Nigella Lawson’s ‘Quick Collection’ - $4.49

Best design:   It has to be the Nigella app for pure food porn pleasure.  Beautiful photography and design, like a delicious set of playing cards.
Best feature:  Definitely the Nigella app’s voice activation, which lets you scroll through the pages of a recipe without having to get your sticky fingers all over your phone.  The Taste app comes a close second with its very cool ‘Inspire me - Shake to update’ feature (another lot of food porn playing cards).
Best everyday recipes:  Jamie Oliver’s app wins hands down for simple, healthy recipes to cook at home during the week.  Best looking recipes include tofu stir-fry with noodle salad, chicken curry with fragrant rice pilaf, tomato pappa (bread soup), to name a few.
Best chocolate recipes:  This is always a key test for me.  I can’t go past Nigella’s app – two lots of chocolate brownie and chocolate cookie recipes, plus lots more of her quick and easy favourites.  The Taste app again comes in a close second, with some lovely looking chocolate pudding recipes. 
Most informative:  Ever wanted to learn how to use your fancy chef’s knife properly in four and a half minutes?  Jamie Oliver’s instruction videos are awesome.  Worth a mention are the ‘How to Cook Everything’ app’s cute little instructional diagrams in its ‘how to’ items.
Best variety:  You will never run out of ideas with the 2000+ recipes on the ‘How to Cook Everything’ app.  Although, disappointingly, there is no food porn pleasure to be had with this one – not a single photograph (except for the mug of the author, famous New York food blogger Mark Bittman).
This post wouldn’t be complete without my most used app.  I just can’t do without my app for Google Reader, for keeping up with all those fabulous food blogs.

Note 1: You will need to have a Google Reader account already set up to use the Google Reader app.
Note 2: Jamie Oliver's app and Google Reader app are available also for Android. 
Note 3: All prices in Australian dollars, current at time of posting.
Keep an eye out for more apps in future posts.
Tell me, do you have a favourite food app to share?

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  1. I think the voice activation is so clever! I get my iPad so dirty as is when I cook with it! :P